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bullet Private in-home training
bullet Problem-solving
bullet Puppy Pre-school
bullet Group Sessions
bullet Obedience
bullet Preparation for certification as
AKC Canine Good Citizens (CGC)

bullet Positive reinforcement
and motivational methods


bullet Capital Canines uses operant and classical conditioning to train dogs and shape their behavior.
The results are impressive.  We're happy to say, there's a century of laboratory and real-life
evidence to back us up.  Our methods are 100% nonviolent.  We do not advocate the use of
shock collars, prong collars, choke collars, squirt bottles, air horns, hitting, pinching, or any other
form of physical or psychological attack.  Your best friend deserves better than that.
bullet Capital Canines provides both structured classes and in-home dog training and behavior
modification to all of Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia. We offer a wide range of instruction
custom-designed to fit your needs and those of your dogs. We are available to help with basic
canine training or the most complicated behavior problem. Here's a short list of some of the issues
with which we can and have helped clients.
Aggression towards dogs
Aggression towards humans
Destructive behavior
Fears of certain people
Fears of situations
Fears of animals
Fears of objects and places
Global fear
  House soiling / urination
Introducing a new baby to the home
Introducing a new dog to the home
Issues specific to children and dogs
Newly joined households with dogs
Obsessive behaviors
Pulling on leash
Separation anxiety

Good friends of all sizes



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