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Adopt a Dog


Capital Canines is committed to supporting the adoption and training of shelter and rescue dogs.  Michelle Beardsley's own dogs were adopted from shelters and are wonderful and well-behaved family companions.  Some have even become champions in agility competitions.  Michelle has adopted both large and small dogs, and loves them all.

Capital Canines offers a 15% training discount for any dog adopted from a shelter or recognized rescue organization within 6 months prior to class start date or in-home training.

Please feel free to call us if you are interested in adopting a dog. We're happy to share our experience and extensive resources with you free of charge. Whether you want a purebred dog or a delightful mixed-breed, Capital Canines will give you the contact information you need to find your new friend. There's no charge. Too many wonderful dogs are at risk to make this about money.  




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