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  About Us

bullet Capital Canines offers positive reinforcement dog obedience training classes, in-home canine behavior modification, and agility training in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. 
bullet Michelle Beardsley, owner and founder of Capital Canines, is nationally recognized for her ability to train dogs.  Her own furry companions have been adopted from local shelters, then trained as agility champions.  We believe a trained dog is a happy dog.  We use gentle methods only.  Capital Canines will work with you and your dog to achieve the results you desire.  Your investment in your dog's behavior now will pay dividends for you both for years to come.
bullet Our dog training and behavior services have been cited by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the best in the area. Our credentials range from national awards to recognition for our volunteer work at local shelters.  But our best references are the happy individuals and dogs who have generously praised the benefits of our training.  We look forward to working with you and your canine companion!


Customer Accolades


"Within two weeks, Michelle Beardsley turned our scared, quivering puppy into a friendly guy.  He had a real fear problem, and used to hide behind our legs and just shake like a leaf.  After Michelle worked with him, he became a different dog.  We'd recommend Michelle to anyone."

One of our former "customers" in an extended sit-stay.
He was trained as a puppy.

"Our dog loves to investigate and couldn't be trusted to sit still in public unless we had him on a tight leash.  After Michelle's training, we can take him anywhere, drop his leash, and tell him to stay.  He won't budge until we release him.  Incredible!  Michelle really can work wonders with dogs."

 "We have a pair of dogs that were pretty hard to handle.  Taking them on a walk was risking a dislocated shoulder because they pulled on their leashes constantly.  After Michelle's training, they're great!   It's now a pleasure to take them on a walk, not a chore."


"Sam is an excellent boy, but when he joined us, he was clueless about "sit," "down," and "stay." If he'd ever had any obedience training, it was a long time ago and was not reinforced. In spite of this, he's been well-behaved in the house and walks well on a leash. He's great at coming when called, and learned "sit" soon after joining us. Sam began obedience training May 6, 2000 with Michelle Beardsley of Capital Canines. We are very pleased with Sam's progress and with our own. We've learned a lot from Michelle! Sam's done with his formal training now, but we continue to work with him regularly so he doesn't forget. By the way, he now knows what sit, down, and stay mean. Three months after his arrival, he wowed the neighbors by maintaining a down-stay only a few feet from a pool full of noisy children."  (To see Sam's photo, click here.)



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